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Steve Murdoch Racing
Meet Steve Murdoch
Steve in Action
Meet Steve Murdoch

My name is Steve Murdoch;
Name: Steve Murdoch
Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario
Age: 36
Birthdate: 05/20/1983
Profession: Auto Technician

My racing experience;

Real Racing;

  • I've been a long time watcher of NASCAR and F1.
  • Also followed Steve Kinser growing up watching sprints.
  • I started karting at 18, raced at several tracks in Canada and one in the states in Batavia,NY

SIM Racing;

  • I started sim racing on the original NASCAR by Papyrus.
  • My first wheel was the Thrustmaster T1, I was hooked after that!
  • I bought every Papyrus game till NR2003! Right about when they lost their licence (and weren’t making anymore per say) I stopped sim racing for 6 yrs. After awhile I was desperate to race again and missed it a lot and now I’m here.
  • I've been iRacing since September 3, 2019

My IRacing system;

  • I run in a DIY rig built by me.
  • 40” tv and t300rs with aftermarket dish wheel pedals and shifter.
  • Two button boxes and iracingiflag
  • Not much but it does the trick.

My Sponsors;

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I take my son racing with my Dad. Still karting every summer, We have a lot of fun every weekend at different tracks!!!

  • Paintball
  • Racing,
  • Sim racing

On a personal note;
A Not much to say about me personally, just your average guy, who enjoys racing, classic cars and a beer now and then. Remember ... always keep the greasy side down!

Saying that I believe in;

Good Judgement Comes From Experience. And Experience? That Comes From Poor Judgement


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