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My name is Allen Defrieze

Here's a little information about me;
  • I’m 48 years old
  • I live in Silvis, IL.
  • I work for a large local industrial facility as a shift coordinator in the Plant Protection department. We provide the security and emergency services to the facility.
  • I’ve been married to my beautiful wife for close to 23 years.
  • I have a daughter in college and a son who will graduate high school soon who intends to join the armed forces.


Sim experience;

  • Been a fan of racing since a young age when a couple of relatives used to run the local dirt tracks.
  • Followed several types of racing and was introduced to the Papyrus Nascar racing games in the 90’s.
  • I started with a joystick so the superspeedways were the most fun
  • Not much of a console racing fan, other titles include RFactor and Grand Prix Legends
  • This month marks 10 years as a member of IRacing.
  • Some years were more active than others due to work and life.
  • I raced mostly official races and only recently joining league racing.
  • I have over 30,000 laps and 60+ wins however I’m still looking for my first league win.
  • My setup is a custom PC built be me, G27, CSL elite Pedals, Rift S, and Open Wheeler Cockpit. I’m currently working on a building button box for the setup.

My Hobbies are;

  • Home automation
  • Home and auto repair,
  • Just about anything technology related
  • IRacing is my main hobby and escape from the stresses of life.


Currently I do not have any sponsors. I usually just browse trading paints until I find a scheme I think is neat. If you’d like me to race your scheme and I think it’s cool, send me a message.

On a personal note;

I still watch a little Nascar but I’m not much of a fan of all the new rules and young guns complaining about being raced hard. That attitude carries over to IRacing as well as I think it’s a shame that IRacing has a protest system. You’ll usually find me taking a conservative approach to the race, trying to make the finish is the main goal. I enjoy racing in the league and I learn something from one of the other drivers in every race.